Dog Bathing

Keeping Your Pup Clean and Healthy

Consistent Cleanliness is Key to Your Dog's Wellness

It may seem obvious, but cleanliness is so important to the overall health and happiness of dogs.  But, if your like many pet owners in the great Sebastian, Florida, area you have a busy schedule.  And, let’s be honest – most dogs hate baths!

Although it may be difficult, training your dog to allow you to bathe them regularly is important and healthy. It is amazing the amount of debris, mud, and plant material that gets stuck in between their paw pads. This includes dangerous items such as pine needles, tree sap, rocks, snow, ice, insects, and even harmful chemicals like lawn fertilizer crystals and motor oil.

Regular bathing also decreases odors and helps you identify problems such as skin irritations and redness that may need to be treated. The earlier problems can be identified and treated, the faster they will be healed.

Letting your dog swim in a pond, lake, or river is not the equivalent of bathing them.  It is also inaccurate that weekly bathing is too frequent and will strip out your dog’s natural skin oils. Weekly bathing with a good quality shampoo from your veterinarian will never harm your dog.  Come in and check out the types of safe, natural shampoos we have, or schedule an appointment to have your pup professionally bathed at our facility! 

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At Sebastian Animal and Bird Hospital, we only use the best products and equipment when we bathe your dog.  Our facility is conveniently located in Sebastian, Florida.  We serve the greater Treasure Coast and South Brevard County.  

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