Birds: Avian Medicine

Avian Medicine

Birds can make amazing companions but there are challenges!

Like many other pets, birds have their own unique needs. Many bird owners may initially need help understanding how to provide their birds with proper nutrition, hygiene, and husbandry.  Additionally, learning how to facilitate social interactions with other pets and family members is incredibly important.

Birds are well known for being able to hide signs of illness, which adds to the challenge of diagnosing their medical problems.  Regular checkups are key to the prevention of unseen illnesses. New birds should always be quarantined before being introduced to your household, there may also be testing that is recommended prior to introduction.

Services Offered

(Bloodwork, Fecal Analysis, Urinalysis, Culture and Sensitivity, IFA, PCR, etc.)
(Bloodwork, Fecal Analysis, Urinalysis, Culture and Sensitivity, IFA, PCR, etc.)
Avian Medicine
Avian Medicine

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To request an appointment please call our offices directly! Due to the high volume of patients we see our schedule is often filled rapidly and thus we are unable to offer online appointment scheduling. For non-emergency scheduling we also offer a text number which is 772-675-1929. Our patient portal is also accessible through PetPro Connect, linking you to all of your pets reminders and giving you easy access to request prescription refills. This is available through invitation and upon request we will send you an email link to setup your account.

Regular wellness visits are key

Regular wellness visits are an important way to help ensure the overall health and longevity of pet birds. Wellness visits offer you an opportunity to ask any questions about your bird and then gives us the chance to examine your bird.

The services that our veterinarian provides are designed to address the full range of your bird’s needs. We don’t just treat parrots, canaries, and finches! We often see chickens, ducks, peafowl, and other species including occasional raptors.

Raphie W Client

Dr Finklestein saved my daring bird’s life. We are lucky to have a skilled DVM with avian experience here in Sebastian! We have six birds so she is a blessing!!!!

Birds We Have Treated

Our clients on the Treasure Coast have trusted Sebastian Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic to care for their birds for almost 30 years. We are avian experts and will ensure your bird receives the care it needs.